Current Training Program

The Outlaw Way

In the Winter of 2011/12 I listened to a few UnRX'ed Podcast episodes, one of which had a good interview with Elizabeth Akinwale. She was well spoken, entertaining, and following a program she referred to as 'Outlaw' from a coach named Rudy.

 I found her blog, then his, and I'm hooked. Since the month before the '12 Open until December of 2012 I was following the Outlaw Way, as it's called, with some success and a lot of enjoyment (should I enjoy suffering?!?!).

 Although I have not followed it for some time I felt my best when I was, and still occasionally grab a cherry-picked WOD from 'the way' site. Still need to scale the numbers down to what I can handle. Still hooked.

Still striving to be better.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007