There's not much to this. As uncivilized as it may appear, I like to fight. As a kid I took some judo, some tae kwon do, but neither very long or very seriously. As a teenager I joined the Marines. Aside from rifle and bayonet training and completing L.I.N.E. training there wasn't much hand to hand combat training in my life.

Then the Marine Corps Martial Arts program began. I took the tan belt training twice due to the superb efficiency of the Basic School in Quantico. After that fun introduction to MCMAP I spent a few years avoiding it like the plague. Then in 2005 I had a young Sgt who was a good instructor. He introduced grappling to me when I took the grey belt course. The green belt course and assistant instructing soon followed.

It took me in, lock stock and barrel.

When I returned from Afghanistan that year I gave up a portion of my post-deployment leave to attend a month long instructor course at the Marine Corps School of Infantry-East, Camp Geiger. For four weeks I was the smallest, the oldest and the only officer in a platoon of rough-tough-can't-fight-enough enlisted Marines vying to earn their Martial Arts Instructor (MAI) rating under the watchful eye of some extremely hard MCMAP Instructor Trainers. It wasn't easy, but I made it. And in some ways, I truly believe it remade me.

Shortly after recovering from that month long beat down I sought out and found a better way to condition my body. That was how I found CrossFit. In the years after I trained in some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga at a civilian school. After a few injuries I trained MMA with a small group of Marines and learned about everything I could via reading and the internet. Coupled with training class after class of MCMAP tan, grey and green belts I went on the earn my brown belt instructor rating in 2007.

Injuries and time are fighting me harder that any opponents I've ever faced. I'll keep at it, but there's no more civilian martial arts training for me, only passing along the passion to train as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007