This week, Run Around Oahu 2016

Post Murph I did some activity, nothing I could really call a workout.

Then Weds I took off for Thursday AM in what became my worst PFT since about 2006, seriously...

So I took it out by having a second WOD at lunch hour.

6 rnd nft
5x one handed 12kg kb swing per side
5 overhead walking lunges, alt side per rnd

3 rnd nft
15 double unders
25m 2x2pood KB carry

8rnds, on the minute
2x2pood KB carry 25m down and back
3x95lb power clean

5 rnds
3 deficit hspu
2 2x2pood KB cleans
1 tume up the flying pull up ladder
45 second rest

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007