How does one remember to blog?

Cause I forgets.
Yesterday I i did chest and shoulders. Lots of bench, shrugs, fun stuff. Actually started with sumo deadlifts and split squats. Good times.
Today I was working on (baby got) back and such.
7x3 front squats, worked to 240, failed after 1.
Pendlay rows 3x8, 195, 210, 230
Superset of 3x8 80lb KB row and 3x5 ghr
3 rounds, every 3:00  2 rds of,
50ft 96lbs kb farmers walk with a towel
5 burpees
10 min steady state row @2:30/500m pace



Shoulder rehab & warm up.

5x5 back squat, using cambered bar worked from 185 to 240, 5 box jumps to 32 inch box after each set.

3x8 good mornings, 150, 160, 170

3 rounds for time:
Row 20 calories for time
15x20lbs wallballs to 10 foot target
10 front rack walking lunges at 115lbs


Several days' posts

Friday, did stuff, used a 6 foot log, kettlebell, box, barbell, and tire.

Saturday I ran through the hills with a mild hangover.

Today, warmed up well (including pt recommended shoulder work).
7x3 front squats, worked up and hit 235 for 2, dropped to 230, hit 1
3 sets, eight reps:
Pendlay rows, 185, 205, 225
Power cleans, 155, 165, 175
Super sets of low pulley row (70, 80, 90) and t bar rows (90 across)
Super sets of 8 bent over dumbell row (85, 95, 100) and 5x 15lb weighted close grip pull ups


Several days off

Then a nine mile regimental hike.

Rifle, flak, kevlar, and ~30lb pack.

Stiff and sore.


Pillbox, big Ben, Parliament ...

Ran Lanikai pillbox over and back.



PB cycle two.

Warm up, mainly hammies again, but got a good sweat.

Back squats 5x5 at 235
3x8 good morning at 145
3x8 hang power clean at 145
5x5 ~40 inch box jumps


PB cycle 2

I guess I am doing this.

Full warm up, looking at you hamstrings.

7x3 front squats, 135 to 220
3x8 reps of:
Pendlay barbell rows, 150, 170, 180
T-bar rows, 105 across
Low pulley close grip row, 60, 80, 90
Single db bentover row w/straps, 75,85,90

5x10 25lb plate scap press, incline bench


WTF did I do?!?!

That was seriously all I could think to write as I sit here thinking about what I just did about two hours ago in my workout.

Need more food.

5x8 bench press, 95 to 150
After every set, 5 bar dips, 5 parrellette push ups.

3x5 shoulder press w/5 push ups.
3x5 barbell shrugs (oh yes I did) at 275
3x5 rope low pulley high pull, 50, 65, 72.5

3 push ups
50 ft KB carry (2 x36kg)
20 inch box over and back
50ft carry back to start point


Sprints still suck.

Just in case you wondered.

Warmed up lightly, 3 warm ups sets of back squats then jumped into:
Back Squat 5x5 @225
Good morning 3×8 @135
5×1 box jumps, 32 inch, ~20inch from box

Then every 2 min for 6 rounds,
100m shuttle run
1 stone to over shoulder @130
Max effort double unders until next sprint



Powerbuilding day 1

Brief warm up, some dubs, some dynamic stretches,  then boom.

7×3 front squats, from 135 up to 215
3x8 of:
Barbell pendlay row, 135, 145, 155
T-bar rows, 100 across
Low pulley close grip row, 50, 70, 80
Bent-over single DB row w/straps, 60, 75, 85

Torn. Rotator. Cuff.


After a 215 overhead squat I did Nate with bar muscle ups.  This bad idea was mid-October and ever since I have had some nagging pain. Xrays showed no break, MRI showed a tear, and todays orthopedic consult confirmed it.

No surgery recommended yet. Four to six months of rehab, with no dynamic movement, strict and controlled upper body everything.

Powerbuilding time


A lot of a lot

Hang power clean
3, 3, 3 (115, 145, 165)
Hang squat clean
2, 2, 2 (165, 185, 195)
Squat clean
1, 1, 1 (195, 200, 205)

(Almost 3)
3:00 REST
burpee pull ups
3:00 REST
30 double undera
1 ground to over the shoulder 145# stone
(Almost 4)
3:00 REST

Sometimes you gotta run

4.5 mile run, cammies, flak jacket with sapi plates. 38:23


Been lazing and holidazing

Today, 30 minutes, on the minute;
Alternating for first 20,
Odd- 5 barbell power clean +1 press @95
Even- 10 double kettlebell cleans pair of 16kg bells
After 20, for 10,
3 32kg kettlebell clean
5 box jumps to 24 inch box
Alt left hand odd, right even

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007