Xmas and the inevitable new year's rush

This past week was a blur of too little WODs, and since it was Christmas with family visiting that is good to go by me.

Today, 28 Dec:

Warm Up:
3 rounds, not for time of...
5 strict pull ups, alternating grips each round
7 ring push ups with a turnout on top, knuckles just off the ground
12-15 walking lunges
10 hug-a-twinkies (look it up, its CF OG)
10 air squats
10 pass throughs

Then, also not for time:
Warm up to working weights in 10 min, then 3 rounds
5 Back squats at 205 lbs
7 Deadlifts at 205 lbs

METCON, slightly scaled and stolen from crossfitlinchpin.com:
21,15,9 rep rounds for time of:
225 deadlift
115 overhead squat

Cooled down with some shoulder rehabby type stuff, Ys, Ws, Ts in the meat gym on some pulley machine.

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