90 days

If I wanted to start making excuses, I'd have many. They wouldn't be good though. I've been on a 90 temp assignment with lots of travel. So I could start with that. We have a daughter now, so two kids make it harder. That sounds right. I'm also just a lazy over-eater. Truth.
No excuses quite fit, nor do they excuse not logging what I have done.

Monday March 9th.
10 min treadmill, 2.7-3.3mph @10%.
Full squat clean +4 front squats (add weight every odd rd 95lbs-155)
5 hspu
1:00 rest
Then immediately go into an altEMOM10
3-pos snatch @105
1 strict hspu
10 min treadmill, 2.8 mph @10-15%.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007