Get some, go again.

Twofer position clean, 5*1
3+1 t&g clean @150 (7@135)
Alternating with 4 sets of 4 tempo ring dips.

Emom 10
Odd minutes
30/double under s
5 power snatch @95
Even minutes
7 lateral burpees
5 push press @95
Rolling.directly into another 10, w/ reduced numbers
15/1 odd
5/1 even


Far from centered.

That's my life right now, and I love it.

Today was the third workout back since taking about four weeks off. Needless to say I have lost my gainz (and consequently about 8 lbs).

But now I am back on the quest to be better, in so many ways.

Pause snatch, 5x2 w/three seconds at the knee and good form, 95, up to 165, felt good.

3*3+1unbroken ME snatches, back to 155, then 8@115 for the +1

For time,
200m run
15 hspu
30 empty barbell jump squats
400m run
30 empty barbell jump squats
15 hspu
200m run


At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007