Its a girl

Took a full week off.
The first week if my daughter's life.
It was wonderful to finally meet her.

Hill sprints today.

800m warm up
Then, for total time:
5rds of,
150m windsprint, 75m down hill then back up followed by 5 rds 1 left handed KB power clean, 1 left handed power snatch, 1 right PC, 1 right an
Rest 1:2 then three RDS of,
150m wind sprint down and back up,
3 RDS of 1 L PC, 1 L sn, 1 R PC, 1 R Sn
Rest 1:2 then one final wind sprint and 1 rd of PC/an per side.
Total time 18:58

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007