In case you're keeping score at home...

...then you may have noticed that no--I am not doing TOW right now. I've had to dial back a bit (again, groan, I know, right..) as I stay home from work and help with the new baby. I will be back to it when I return from work, until then I'll just do things other than the snatch and clean and jerk--HAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding!?!?!

I will vary it up though, and I may just run outside until I am jacked and tan.

3 deadlifts @200lbs w/fatbar
5 strict ring dips

Then, after 5:00, 3 rounds of:
3 hang power cleans @110 on fatbar
6 push presses w/same
9 ring rows
rest 3:00

Then strangely I went and walked/ran intermittently for about an hour and a half. What can I say? I must be serious about getting jacked AND tan.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007