Friday in the yard

Having a hard time believing I am a father... of two. But I sure do love it.

On another note the prison yard gym is still in effect while I enjoy daddy leave.

10 toes through rings
10 hang muscle clean and push jerks w/50# on fatbar
10 abmat sit ups
(Was also supposed to have done 10 h2h KB swings per rd but just stopped doing them after round 1... Curious.)

Then emom20
1-5: 3 strict ring pull ups w/1 count top and bottom & 5 parrallette push ups
6-10: 7 abmat sit ups and 12 air squats
11-15: 5 p. P/u & 3 strict tempo ring pull up
16-30: 12 air squats & 7 abmat sit ups.

I may not get all that jacked but at least I'm getting tan.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007