Not the movie. 300lbs. To paraphrase Rollins, 300lbs is always 300lbs. Today I put up 300 lbs for the second time ever.


1) Tall Snatch: 4-5 light singles to warm-up 75lbs

2) Snatch from blocks (above knee): 2rm Hit 170- 1×2@95%(160) 1×2@90%(150)


1) Back Squat off 300: 1X5@70%, 1X5@80%, 1X2@85%, 1X3@90%(270-PR3rm), 1X1@100% (300)– rest as needed

2) Front Squat off 255: 1X5@65%, 1X4@75%, 1X4@80%, 1X4@85% – rest as needed

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007