Zero sympathy

That's what I have for myself tonight.
No sympathy.

Squatted until I was sick to my stomach today. Serious. Ill.

Snatch; find a 3rm the back off to 90%, 95%, went up to 155, missed 165 3x. Dropped to 145x3, 135x3.
Really working to stop jumping backwards when I catch.

Snatch balance; find a 3rm... 95%, 90%...
150, 140, 135.

Back squats:
10x180, 8x195, 6x210, 6x225, 6x245
Front squats;
150x5, 160x5, 170x5, 2x5@180

Fuck conditioning after all that. Took over an hour and a half. Legs spent.

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