Recovery continues

Still feeling the pain in my arms and tight hamstrings/low back. Still taking it easy. It occurred to me that perhaps after doing the 6 week Capital Affiliate League and then immediately doing five weeks of the CrossFit Open perhaps I should just chill the fuck out. Perhaps... Today I swam. Warmed up with skulling drills and light stroke practice. 10 x 25m freestyle with 1:30 rest after each Used the big pool clock, held 15 seconds for most, none longer than 20.

Three WODs during the rest of the week, cliffs notes:
205 back squat for 20 reps
PR hang clean (230) and shitty hang snatches
Maxed DL at 350. Failed 365. Don't jump 15#.


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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007