Post OTW Parabellum Series Training Camp

So stoked after training at Outlaw CrossFit this weekend. Matched all my previous weightlifting PRs, got under and stood up a 221 clean, missing the jerk and kinda PR'ed my snatch (touched my knee at the bottom-so, yuck, and no rep, but held on and stood it up). I think I will write a full review of the seminar this week, it was well worth the time and money. Today, due to total butt arm, skipping BBG. 20RM back Squat, hit 205 for 20. *Warmed up by adding weight and reps this time, instead of doing 20 for each warm up set as I did last time. Then, ran one mile for time: 5:45 (like butter). Recovery was pretty quick, turns out I was about 151 feet shy of 1 mile, so it was probably closer to a ~6min mile. Que sera sera, if we re-test I'm doing the same run.

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