Monday's still suck. So get better at Life.

BBG 1) Clean: Work to a 3rm (non-T&G, reset quickly after drop) – 1X3@95%, 1X3@90%, rest as needed Hit 2 at 210, twice, kept catching but failing to come out of the hole. Made 200. Didn't hit the drop sets. 2) Jerk (off blocks): Work to a 3rm (drop all reps) – 1X3@95%, 1X3@90%, rest as needed Hit 170, then 150, 135 for drops. Didn't actually drop, no jerk boxes, so caught each rep. Strength/Skill 1A) 3XME Strict Pullups – rest 60 sec. 12/10/8 1B) 3X5 Push Press – heaviest possible, (155) rest 60 sec. Conditioning For time: 100 KB swings 50 Thrusters 45# 30 Pullups 13:04, kept a challenging but restrained pace.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007