Catching up after getting back

Just realized I haven't really been posting of late. Work has been trumping workouts and sickness had me worthless. Enough excuses though, this has been a good week. Saturday at the Capital Affiliate League was good, we are 3rd place out of 8 headed into the last week. Monday: EMOM for 8:00, 1 snatch, working from 70-90%, went up to 155lbs Every 1:30, 5 rds, 1 clean and jerk from 70-90%, went up to 200lbs Then, for time: 10 Deficit HSPU (2 blue plates w/abmat) 10 OHS @115 50 double unlnders 5 muscle ups 50 double unders 10 OHS @115 10 DHSPUs Didn't start my watch, but it felt like ~7:30 Tuesday: Didn't bring my gear down, so this was boots and utes. Constantly varied, right? Tested weights on 135/155 SDLHP and push presses for the next CAL WODs. Then, 7 2-position snatches @115 for form. Karen, as 15 rds of 10 unbroken wallball shots, 10 breathes between each round.

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