Kang squats

8:00 to set a power snatch for the day.
Hit 155, missed 165 as time ran out.

Every :30, for 3:00, 1 power snatch at 115.

3 sets of 1 press, 7 push presses then 4 kang squats, same weight, worked fro 95-120

Then 30 muscle ups for time: 7:31.


Been awhile

Polar vortex and typhoid Mary induced sickness from my last post til now. Had  bad flu symptoms, but managed to avoid giving them to the family.

12:00 max three position clean and one jerk, missed 175, made 165.
5:00 emom, 3pos clean and 1 jerk @120
4x8 every 90 seconds
Highbar back squat
Strict ring dips

Then; for time
Bar burpees
135lb snatch



14 stories. Four times up and down, 10 squats at top and bottom of each.


Polar fing vortex


5:00 walking on steep incline, some stretching.

Five RFT of;
5 dumbbell snatches each arm
10 double bench jump over

Walked another 5:00 on hill intervals

Kansas City is colder than a yeti's...

First night in a hotel in a long time.

Five minutes on a treadmill. Yes, yuck, but it was -7°.

Five rounds, aiming for unbroken sets, approximately three rest after each:

7x 50lb Dumbbell hang squat clean and thruster
12 burpees
25 double understand

Doubles were the enemy. Everything else unbroken. 3 of 5.

Hspu practice, sets of 1,2,3,4. Shoulder twinge and stopped.


First WOD of the new year

1k row warmup

Five attempts to do an easy heavy clean & jerk. Hit 185.

Twenty minutes to get a 1rep max front squat. Hit 245, missed 250x2.

Five rounds, one for one rest to work ratio:
50 double understand
5 thrusters, 100lbs.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007