Happy New Year's Eve

2014 will be my 1st year in the "land of google" as my Android phone just arrived. As a denizen of the Apple ecosystem since 2008 it will be interesting to see how it progresses and whether or not it will have any bearing on my fitness. Probably not, but I will squawk about it occasionally as a respite from my blathering.

-In 15:00 to set a heavy 1rep snatch for the day, hit 165, FL170x2.
-3x3 presses & 4 push presses: 95, 115, 125
-3x15 good mornings @95lbs
-in 15:00, complete as much as possible of: 3 power snatch, 6 chest to bar, 9 target burpees, 6-9-12 same, 9-12-15, 12-15-18, 15-18-21
Made it to 11 of the last set of burpees.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007