Frogman Challenge

I recently bought off in a great idea: take part in a real life competitive event. Only one problem--it's a day full of wods that all involve a swim, known as the Frogman Challenge.

I've been training for it. Really, I have. But I took a long lapse from blogging about training. My excuses are legendary, bards will sing of my ability to procrastinate and my petty injuries for all ages. But I need to get back on task and record my training, if for no other reason than to--gasp--improve my methods.

12 minute AMRAP
Dive-25m-wall turn-25m-down/up-5 wall up&outs-10 air squats.
5+ rds, googles popping off, not fluid, need work all over, improving.

Back squats (155-no rack)
Burpee Out-n-In (dry land simulated)

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007