Goodbye is hard

Today I said two goodbyes.

I participated in the Hotshots 19 workout, and as part of the community said goodbye to 19 brave firefighters who have their lives for their community.

6rds for time
30 air squats
19 power cleans at 135lbs
7 strict pull ups
400m run

We also said goodbye to Lemon, our four year old Boston Terrier. We found her a good home, she will be well loved and cared for. She's a great girl who has the family she deserves.



Warm up


Double unders
Sit ups

And then

3rd-"DT" @155
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 push jerks

Aaa and then...

Taught two hours of class.


Swim and ruck run

Fin 100m or warm up

25m sprints on the :30x8
50m brick swim in the 1:00x4
3 rds on the 2:00 of;
5 pool dips, head under water on each
25m swim
5 burpees
25m sprint w/dive

Ran home, ~1.5 miles.

Late WOD

Row, 50 UB double unders & mobility.

3 rds, 1:00 rest after each.
3x135# power snatch
5 strict pull ups
7 30# ball slams

Ten or so minutes later
225 deadlift
Hand stand push ups (regionals strict)
PR of 7:09


Combat Fitness Test

It too early for this old man.

800m run in boots: 2:46
2:00 ammo can push presses: 103
maneuver under fire: 2:41


Don't miss the grenade. Word.

At 1330, went to the pool for two swim WODs.

1. 3rds of 25m swim, 3 touch n' go, 25m swim, 3 dips, 3 hand release push ups

2. Sprint 25m every :30 x5, then 4x 25m Brick swim every 1:00


Wallballs and such

Five minutes on the air dyne bike to warm up.

Worked up to a heavy set of 1 Clean + 3 Split Jerks: 195
Then 3 sets of 3 squat cleans, touch and go @160.

50-40-30-20-10 sets of unbroken wallballs @8ft target w/20lb ball in 6:23

5:00 row to cool down, 1104 @2:10 pace.


Brick loves lamp (& burpees)

Bike to the pool for a warm up.

Some swim practice: skulling drills and brick carrying technique.

Then AMRAP10:
25m swim
15 burpees
7rds. Carrying the brick, 2,3, & 7


Boots 'n Birthday

Ran in boots for a warm up, got to get ready for the CFT.

1x500m w/35lb vest
1k without

Five rounds with a team
10x95lb push press
High handle prowler push @255, down and back
10 pull ups
1:00 air dyne active rest

Birthday burpees-raced a two man team, they each did 19, I did 38, they only beat me by 1.


Forget to blog? I'm forgetting whole days.

Can't remember if I even worked out Wednesday, but I know I didn't on Thursday or Friday.

1k row
3 rds of 20 lunges, 15 dips, 10 pull ups, 5 dumbbell burpee/clean/thruster combos w/30lb DBs
8 rds
Dive, 25m swim, 5 HR push ups, 5 squats
3 rds
50m brick swim, 5 poolside dips, 10 OHS 5 w/brick in each hand


Brick swimming

Dry Land portion:
Bike to aquatic center, 2rds 10 pull ups, dips, air squats
3 UB rds, not for time @135lbs;
7 deadlifts, 7 hang power cleans, 7front squats, 7 push press
Failed after 1pp of rd 3
Water portion:
20 min skills and drills
9min AMRAP
25m brick swim
21 brick squats 
25m brick swim
7 HR push ups
3 full rds


Frogman Challenge

I recently bought off in a great idea: take part in a real life competitive event. Only one problem--it's a day full of wods that all involve a swim, known as the Frogman Challenge.

I've been training for it. Really, I have. But I took a long lapse from blogging about training. My excuses are legendary, bards will sing of my ability to procrastinate and my petty injuries for all ages. But I need to get back on task and record my training, if for no other reason than to--gasp--improve my methods.

12 minute AMRAP
Dive-25m-wall turn-25m-down/up-5 wall up&outs-10 air squats.
5+ rds, googles popping off, not fluid, need work all over, improving.

Back squats (155-no rack)
Burpee Out-n-In (dry land simulated)

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007