On why injury sucks (or doesn't).

I never know how to take a rest.

This is a simple fact. If given the chance to go somewhere, do something, try new things or learn I always take it. This has led to many wonderful things.

It has also led me down some bad paths.

You see I just don't know how to say no. Since something seems good, more always appears to be better. So I just keep on piling it on. It continues to be my undoing.

This post finds me injured again. I have been out of training for about three weeks and will probably be out for two or three more.

Maybe this time it was not self-induced. But it is making me look at priorities and evaluate time commitments more seriously than I have before. There are things more important than gym workouts--since this was never even a question I find myself wondering why I ever acted like it wasn't so clear.

Fitness enables us, but should not define us.

I will get back to training, but I will do so in due time after allowing myself to fully heal. Because being whole--in body, in mind, and in spirit--is why I labor so hard to begin with.

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