Whoa Bundy !

Team workout, whoa Bundy!
PS No body under 35 knows that reference...

Heavy 3 rep cleans: touch-n-go worked to 185, did a single at 195.

Follow the leader
3rds, team of four
150m row
10 push ups
10 ball slams
Hold 45lb plate over head until next person is done their ball slams.
14:55 w/ 4 peeps

F&$k you Jobu

I do it my self.

10minute air dyne test: 139 calories

Weighted 1rep max pull up in 10minutes: 88lbs

Then 10-8-6-4-2 rep rounds of;
1xProwler +4x45lbs down/back high handles
Pull ups
Push ups
250m row
1:30 rest after each round
36lbs vest after first round


Back in the saddle again...

I'm back.

As the Aerosmith song goes, I've once again resumed my training. Last week saw a barbell bear, a 45 minute beach run, cleans, snatches, over the bar burpees, pull ups, tabatas and the resumption of my pedal powered school commute.

Not taking the time to document, but I am following the main programming at the new affiliate.



On why injury sucks (or doesn't).

I never know how to take a rest.

This is a simple fact. If given the chance to go somewhere, do something, try new things or learn I always take it. This has led to many wonderful things.

It has also led me down some bad paths.

You see I just don't know how to say no. Since something seems good, more always appears to be better. So I just keep on piling it on. It continues to be my undoing.

This post finds me injured again. I have been out of training for about three weeks and will probably be out for two or three more.

Maybe this time it was not self-induced. But it is making me look at priorities and evaluate time commitments more seriously than I have before. There are things more important than gym workouts--since this was never even a question I find myself wondering why I ever acted like it wasn't so clear.

Fitness enables us, but should not define us.

I will get back to training, but I will do so in due time after allowing myself to fully heal. Because being whole--in body, in mind, and in spirit--is why I labor so hard to begin with.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007