Monday, Monday, Monday! And no case of such a thing.

BB Gymnastics:
1) 7X2 Hang Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2a) 5X3 3-Stop Snatch Pull – heavy, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 5X3 Heaving Snatch Balance – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.
Run 400m
21 C2B Pullups
12 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
Run 400m
15 C2B Pullups
9 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
Run 400m
9 C2B Pullups
6 KB Thrusters
For time.
Notes: KB Thrusters should be performed with 2 KBs.
15 minutes Handstand/Handstand Walk practice.
Notes: Try to spend the majority of this time inverted. If you can only get into a handstand against a wall, then try to play with balancing just the wall. If you can freestand, then attempt to walk. If you can walk practice turns. Etc.

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