Tactical Strength Fail

Tactical Strength Challenge . Com

Go ahead and look it up. Several competitive classes to compete with a max deadlift (3 attempts), a max pull ups (strict, touching neck or chest, with 22lbs), and max kettlebell snatches in 5:00 (70lbs).

I failed to finish one lift in event one.

How? I warmed up to 355, pulled it just fine. Too fine. I then jumped 10 lbs, 5 above my PR and went for my first--clunk, bonk, whoops--shanked. Two--fail. Three--nope. All mind fucked. All the time. The beauty was the 355 didn't count. Just beautiful.

Won the weighted pull ups by 1. Did 50 kettlebell snatches with 70lbs. Tore both hands to shreds.

Lesson: never start a competition with a PR attempt.

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