The gym beckons with its sweet Siren song once again.

"I know your foot is broken", she says, "It doesn't matter--you need to train. I won't hurt you anymore."

She lies.  The bitch lies.

Got back in the gym today after a week off.

To warm up:
2 rounds of 10 parrallette push ups, deadhang pull ups
2 attempts at pistols on the good foot.
Mobility for ~10 minutes.

Tried to do bulgarian split squats--no go with the boot on.
Standing alternating db presses 3 sets 5 per arm @ 35lbs
One armed KB row 8 per arm @35lbs, 44lbs and 53lbs

Tabata some broken foot.

4 rounds each
tabata pull ups
"   "   push ups
"   "   sit ups

Laughable scores.

3x10 hug-a-twinkies on the GHD and out.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007