Snatch PR

 So I haven't been posting all my WODs. Casually I would say that this is just because I suck at life. But self-abusive humor aside, I hardly have the time and that's only going to get worse.

 So I'm still following the Outlaw Way, and I'm still making gains. This week I de-loaded a bit, taking a break form finishing all the work posted so that I can rest. I did set a snatch PR of 170. I pulled 175 high enough thrice, locked it out and got underneath it once, but failed to stand it up.

 170 is bodyweight +1. Not shabby, but it won't be a long lived PR either, it is going down next time I feel froggy (or next time its programmed to PR). All shit talking aside, that was hard.

 This week I hit a few other good days of work, but I hardly remember them because I failed to post immediately after. We also started another 45 Paleo challenge at CrossFit Monterey. I'm fuck-tarded because with a baby on the way in June I just signed up not to drink on Cinco de Mayo or Memorial Day.

 Tarded. Seriously.

 Some progress towards the thesis was also made, I'm in possession of a thesis proposal, it just hasn't been put from my head into the written page yet. That will happen alongside the 175 lb snatch. It is coming, that much is certain.

 Yesterday was epicly fun.

 BB Gymnastica:
5 sets of 1 snatch and 20 double unders at 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% made them all, double unders suck after a heavy snatch.
5 rounds of 200m row 185 lb hang power clean. This was scaled from 225 cause who the f*&$ am I kidding?

3 rounds for time of,
15 kipping HSPUs
10 80 DB snatches, alternating arms
5 muscle ups
 HSPUs felt a breeze, slight scale, used abmat when it was supposed to be all off the ground, but helped my confidence and proved to me that should strength is coming along, DB snatch was scaled from 100 lbs, cause again wtfaik? muscle ups were done unbroken on 1&@, in three I did 4/1, not sure why I got off rings, except my skin was closed to popping open--but that usually doesn't stop me, so is that good or bad?

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