BB Gymnastics

1) Snatch: 60%x3, 70%x2, 75%x2, 80%x2, 85%x1. 90%x1 – rest 60-90 sec.
2) Clean & Jerk: 60%x3, 70%x2, 75%x2, 80%x2, 85%x1, 90%x1– rest 60-90 sec.

Notes: Neither lift needs to be touch and go, resetting after the rep is not just ok, but is suggested. When there is only 1 number following the listed percentage, then it notes reps.


For time:

10 Muscle-Ups
10 Squat Snatches 95/65#
8 Muscle-Ups
8 Squat Snatches 105/70#
6 Muscle-Ups
6 Squat Snatches 125/80#
4 Muscle-Ups
4 Squat Snatches 145/95#
2 Muscle-Ups
2 Squat Snatches 165/105#

Snatch 95,115,125,130,135,150
C&J 135,150,160,170,175,190
Conditioning around 10 min, clock was mistakenly stopped by another trainer before I finished the last two rounds.
No extra, cause my scrub ass didn’t qualify this year.
Oh, and I only used 1 bar for conditioning, and only added 10lbs per round, so did 95,105,115,125,135.

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