On misfits & resolutions

So here's to another year of health and happiness!

I was wondering if I should come up with a list of resolution.  But I've kind of given up on resolutions because sometimes my goals just don't fit in with reality.  Not that I'm unrealistic or insane. I think resolutions are all well and good, but the ideas I come up with of what I should do become misfits among my actions-what I can or will do--because they just don't fit in.  I often aim too damn high or way off the mark.

In my pursuit of wellness and health I still believe there isn't much to it than to do it.  You must only resolve to be resolute. "There is no try, just do." So instead of making resolutions to change, I've going to be resolute and continue to do what I do best: put in work.

30 days are programmed out with no upper body activity (or very little), due to a bout of medial epicondilytis (golfer's elbow) that has been giving me pain for a few months.

I will be breaking my back (hopefully not literally) trying to get really strong legs for the next few months. Lots of squat variations, high-bar, low-bar, sandbags, front squats and maybe zerchers along with lunges, good mornings and tons of work for the abs and low back.  Running, sprinting, jumping will abound.  Not sure if 30 days will be enough but what I do know it that I have to change my routine or I will be toast by the CF Games Open.  And since I eat Paleo, well, you know that toast is bad.

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