Gonna WOD all day, Gonna WOD all night...

Yesterday, the return to arms 2012 began. At least, I started working out on my latest programming, which ironically involves no use of the arms (or very, very little).

Interested parties may seek the program here. Uninterested parties may go and flog themselves.

First day of first week lacking any fists of fury:
Back Squats 3,3,3,3,3 @ 235. Felt heavy, legs weak. Looking down again, need to get head and chest to stay up without craning neck.

4 rounds, for time of 12 sandbag waling lunges and 21 deck squats in 8:09

because she can, that's why...

No time for post WOD mobility as I had two classes to teach and be jealous of as they did "Death by Pull Ups".

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