Front Squats and sprints

Day two of the return to arms, and here I am blogging again. HFS.

Warmed up playing around with agility ladder and forward rolls, not much to that but it is fun.

Mobilized the hips, probably need to mobilize the shoulder a wee bit more next time I front squat, especially since I worked on a new position yesterday, pinching my scapulae and getting the arm back into a position tight in the shoulder socket by getting a wider hand position on the barbell.

Front Squats: 3,3,3,3,3 worked from 135 up to 190, 205, 215, 220, 225 for 3, which beat my last 3rm of 210. Was told it looked light, but I am at times reluctant to go too aggressive so I took my 15lb PR and moved on.

WOD was 15 FS@135, run to olympia (800m), 10 FS run to Elder (400m) and 5 FS run to CA (~200m) in 7:12

Some paleo chair, some roller work on the hip flexor and glutes and out.  Again, with FS I need to remember to do some shoulder work.

Did I mention we are expecting? Puts it all in perspective.
Note the virtual in utero high five. Clutch,

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