Respect. Walk.

Still subbing upper body exercises due to the no pushing no pulling, but those dark days are half way over.

Last night, with the 4pm class:
30 walking barbell lunges at half body weight.
9 pistol-rolling-to-candlestick per leg
20 walking lunges
6 prtc per leg
10 walking lunges
The 5 sets of 3 Bulgarian split squats wearing two 20lb vests


Run, shoot and scoot

800m run
Three rounds
25 20lb wall ball shots 18in above reach
25 GHD sit ups
800m run


Careful or your ass may explode.

So after one week of training nothing but trunk and legs I tried to back squat for a new 1RM on Saturday. Probably not the best idea I've ever had in my life. I warmed up and mobilized hip flexors and hamstrings. I hit a few sets on the empty bar and started to climb I weight.

Back squat: 95x5, 135x3, 185x2, 225, 250, 275 (5lb off 1rm and feeling easy), 285, FAIL. Huge fail, like bowel shaking earthquakes of doubt and remorse fail.

The heavy barbell got in my head again. Loaded up 250 to get some confidence back, FAIL AGAIN. Like dropped down on my knees kinda fail. Took a moment, tried to clear my head and went back to the barbell.

235 check, 245, check, 255, check, 265, check, 275 Fail again, but tired now, I know I've taken a pinch of the hair of the dog who bit me, and I'm fine.

Mobility and out.


Two days full

I should not have been working out today, but I did.

Good mornings 3reps of : 95, 135, 170x3
Then AMRAP 20 of 7 big box jumps, 12 left handed Russian KB swings 16kg and 200m run. Did 12&reps of Ed 13. Fun except for the massive pain and scarring. Fer reel.

Today did 5 rnds moderate weight lunges down and back on the course. Did 45, 65, 95, 115, & 145.
The WOD was three rds for time of medium box jumps, v ups and 300m run. Did it wearing 20lb vest in 9:34. Then did 150 air squats for time in 3:34.
Hips are tired after four days on, ooops.


Front Squats and sprints

Day two of the return to arms, and here I am blogging again. HFS.

Warmed up playing around with agility ladder and forward rolls, not much to that but it is fun.

Mobilized the hips, probably need to mobilize the shoulder a wee bit more next time I front squat, especially since I worked on a new position yesterday, pinching my scapulae and getting the arm back into a position tight in the shoulder socket by getting a wider hand position on the barbell.

Front Squats: 3,3,3,3,3 worked from 135 up to 190, 205, 215, 220, 225 for 3, which beat my last 3rm of 210. Was told it looked light, but I am at times reluctant to go too aggressive so I took my 15lb PR and moved on.

WOD was 15 FS@135, run to olympia (800m), 10 FS run to Elder (400m) and 5 FS run to CA (~200m) in 7:12

Some paleo chair, some roller work on the hip flexor and glutes and out.  Again, with FS I need to remember to do some shoulder work.

Did I mention we are expecting? Puts it all in perspective.
Note the virtual in utero high five. Clutch,


Gonna WOD all day, Gonna WOD all night...

Yesterday, the return to arms 2012 began. At least, I started working out on my latest programming, which ironically involves no use of the arms (or very, very little).

Interested parties may seek the program here. Uninterested parties may go and flog themselves.

First day of first week lacking any fists of fury:
Back Squats 3,3,3,3,3 @ 235. Felt heavy, legs weak. Looking down again, need to get head and chest to stay up without craning neck.

4 rounds, for time of 12 sandbag waling lunges and 21 deck squats in 8:09

because she can, that's why...

No time for post WOD mobility as I had two classes to teach and be jealous of as they did "Death by Pull Ups".


On misfits & resolutions

So here's to another year of health and happiness!

I was wondering if I should come up with a list of resolution.  But I've kind of given up on resolutions because sometimes my goals just don't fit in with reality.  Not that I'm unrealistic or insane. I think resolutions are all well and good, but the ideas I come up with of what I should do become misfits among my actions-what I can or will do--because they just don't fit in.  I often aim too damn high or way off the mark.

In my pursuit of wellness and health I still believe there isn't much to it than to do it.  You must only resolve to be resolute. "There is no try, just do." So instead of making resolutions to change, I've going to be resolute and continue to do what I do best: put in work.

30 days are programmed out with no upper body activity (or very little), due to a bout of medial epicondilytis (golfer's elbow) that has been giving me pain for a few months.

I will be breaking my back (hopefully not literally) trying to get really strong legs for the next few months. Lots of squat variations, high-bar, low-bar, sandbags, front squats and maybe zerchers along with lunges, good mornings and tons of work for the abs and low back.  Running, sprinting, jumping will abound.  Not sure if 30 days will be enough but what I do know it that I have to change my routine or I will be toast by the CF Games Open.  And since I eat Paleo, well, you know that toast is bad.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007