Travis Manion 9/11 Heroes 5k

Today Tiffany and I ran a 5k for the Travis Manion Foundation.  Good causes are always in need, we were glad to do our part.

It's hard to beleive it is 9/11/2011, marking a full 10 years since the attacks on America.  So many lives have been touched.  Its hard to believe, and its sometimes hard to bear.  Too many deployments, too many missed moments, too many lives lost, too much sorrow to count.

I am a US Marine. I stand proudly alongside many warriors who volunteer to uphold the honor of and defend the security of the American Nation we love and cherish. Every time I hear of someone like Travis Manion I feel the same way I did when I heard about the death of a friend, SSgt Trevor Spink.   Trevor and I went to motor transport school together in 1995. He died in 2004 in Iraq when his humvee crashed into a canal. He drowned in the Iraqi desert.  When I heard about his death I was stunned, as his was the first personal loss I felt in the war.

Since Trevor's death every loss I have seen, each and every one--every CrossFit hero WOD, every casualty reported in my three tours supporting combat operations--every single loss has felt personal to me. It is overwhelming.

I don't know when this will stop.  Sometimes I hope it never stops. We should all feel their loss deeply and honor their sacrifices.

These men and women chose a life they knew had dangers so that we could live our lives in peace.  Never let a day go by where you take their sacrifice for granted.  Don't wait another ten years to remember them.  I won't.

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