30 days of 3 on 1 off

How hard could this be?  Wow--I just said that.  I've heard so many people say something similar about so many white board work outs. It is usually the one that looks so easy that turns out to be so damn hard.

That said, I've committed to a 30 day challenge of three WODs followed by one rest day.  I may/may not choose to do a second endurance or strength WOD once or twice during each cycle but the point will be to maximize intensity in the three day period and forcing myself to rest more often than I have been in my last two programs.

This may have the additional benefit of making time in my uber-busy military student athlete calendar to write more blog posts.  Lord knows I should keep better track of what is working and what is not working via this blog.

Our first three day cycle looked like this:

  • Sun 9/11: 5k run as a part of the 911heroesrun.com series for the Travis Manion Foundation.  20:30
  • Mon 9/12: "Blake", 4 rds of 100ft 45lb walking overhead lunge, 30 24' box jumps, 20 wallballs, 10 hspus 23:22
  • Tues 9/13: AM Death by Pull ups, 16+13 then 4 rds 200m hill run & 15 burpees, 6:22, PM 5,3,3,2,2,2,1,1 Front Squats, ending up w/230lbs
The whole body is sore today, especially the biceps, lats and glutes.  I'm anticipating an increase in soreness and a need for more recovery time so I hope day four (today) and the involved rest it brings will alleviate all this in time for more high intensity work.  Next three day cycle will end with Fight Gone Bad 6, a charity I love to support.  I set a high goal this year, and I don't think I will be meeting it, but I'm trying hard for the next three days.

On the supplement front, I have been taking Progenex for about 6 weeks now, in the AM pre-breakfast and after every workout.  I may be getting some placebo effects regarding my 'recovery' and energy levels, but I also see about 5 lbs extra on the scale these days and still have a six pack and good vascularity.  Before getting mentally fatigued with getting under the barbell about a week ago I was also seeing solid gains in my 3x5 front and back squats.  I'm very likely to quit the AM shakes when this supply runs out and keep taking a recovery protein shake. Maybe its mental or maybe it really is worthwhile to get a quick uptake of simple CHO and protein right after a workout.  I never wanted to believe in that stuff, but I may have become a believer... for now.

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