Round two of 8

How hard could this be?

That actually was a fair estimate, so far.  Three on/one off allows for a great amount of recovery balanced with a fair opportunity to create some intensity.  I need both.


30 days of 3 on 1 off

How hard could this be?  Wow--I just said that.  I've heard so many people say something similar about so many white board work outs. It is usually the one that looks so easy that turns out to be so damn hard.

That said, I've committed to a 30 day challenge of three WODs followed by one rest day.  I may/may not choose to do a second endurance or strength WOD once or twice during each cycle but the point will be to maximize intensity in the three day period and forcing myself to rest more often than I have been in my last two programs.

This may have the additional benefit of making time in my uber-busy military student athlete calendar to write more blog posts.  Lord knows I should keep better track of what is working and what is not working via this blog.

Our first three day cycle looked like this:


Travis Manion 9/11 Heroes 5k

Today Tiffany and I ran a 5k for the Travis Manion Foundation.  Good causes are always in need, we were glad to do our part.

It's hard to beleive it is 9/11/2011, marking a full 10 years since the attacks on America.  So many lives have been touched.  Its hard to believe, and its sometimes hard to bear.  Too many deployments, too many missed moments, too many lives lost, too much sorrow to count.


Weeks go by...

...and still I cannot figure out how to stay on top of this training log.


At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007