Same day, different week.

Saturday returns and I'm still lifting, still WODing and still behind on everything I do. Oh and yesterday I turned 36. We celebrated with a nice dinner out and followed it up by attending a 3 hour Olympic Weightlifting seminar with Ben Claridad at CrossFit Monterey.

This week saw another PR and some random METCONs at pretty heavy weight.

Mon: Worked up to a 150 snatch and hit 180 C&J every 2:00 for 8 min.
Tues: AM--3x5 Back Squat @ 240 and Tabata KB swing w/53lb (9) Followed immediately by 2:00 D/U (53) PM--max weighted M/U 55Lb vest, 3x5 Press @105
Weds: Offcycle WOD, 3RM OHS PR @185, and PR 1 RM OHS @ 200, then 5 rds of 5 DL @275, 5 deadhang P/U and 5 burpee box jumps in 6:00
Thurs: FS 3 sets of 5 at 205 then 5 rds of shasta run, 15 box jumps (24) and 15 95lb thrusters

And today, working for about 3 hours on points of performance on the Snatch, Clean and Jerk I worked up to a PR 205Lbs Clean and Jerk. Ben and his crew put on a great clinic, I was very happy to learn what they offer.

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