L1 test, what?!

Sitting here in San Jose, reading (well... blogging but I should be reading) the revised CrossFit Level 1 handbook, I'm forced to realize how many different irons I have in the fire. So much to fill a plate, when does it end.

PRs this past 10 days:
Max muscle ups in 10 minutes
Consequetive bar muscle ups
and most importantly...


...the snatch.

We went to the CF Games, my nephew came to visit for a week. I got my first perfect score on an Algebra quiz since... well, probably the first one ever.

Oh, and I spoke with Greg Amundson of CF Santa Cruz OG/CF Amundson fame about this little CF Jarhead project of mine. It might not be such a dead letter office deal after all, or who knows, maybe CF NPS was a better idea after all.

Now I sit here all not studying to take my L1 exam, so I can get all bona-fide and such. Between this beautiful lady who enthralls me, the CrossFit stuff, writing a few papers and taking some quizzes, it is what I call my life. Simple and unelegant but utterly mine and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.


jenn said...

Wooo! Perfect score in algebra :) it better be on the fridge!!

John H. said...

um, nope.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007