Catching up again

So yesterday finally was my L1 test. Done and done. I think I did well except for a few outlier questions that gave me HARD time, but I just don't spend too much time thinking about the myriad ways one can express power output and functional recruitment of musculature from core to extremities. We'll see how that goes, and I cannot wait to see how the L2 testing eventually turns out. Having passed it once, I am ready to be tested again and hope I do as well the 2nd time.

Last week's training:
-Monday and Wednesday's lifts I varied slightly. Instead of working to heavy single I limited it to 7 attempts total and for the dynamic sets instead of working up to a set across I did a few warm-ups and then started low, increasing weight with each reps.

Mon: C&J worked up to 190 in 6 singles, repeated 190 due to a slow press out at the top of the jerk. Snatch started at 105, did 15 singles, worked up to 150FLx3, did 145FLx1, made it for 3 then did 150

Tues: PM BS 250 3x5 then 1k row 3:47.9

Weds: AM- 5 triples working to a heavy 3 rep snatch for the day, worked up to 130 for 3 then did C&J on the 2:00x10 worked up to 200 on 9th, made it. 205 on the tenth didn't fare as well. Got under it and bailed. PM-Nate RX 12 rds 2 m/u and 1 HSPU attempt... 4 rd & 2 rep PR

Thurs: FS 3 sets of 5 at 215. No Conditioning.

Tiffany and I discussed doing a month of the mainpage to challenge ourselves. I wonder if that's even possible anymore. More to follow on that.

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