A week in review

Week six of the Olympic Weightlifting days.

Started off with the first days of lifting in our new garage gym, pictures to follow. Jacob, Mariah and Nathan from CF Monterey joined Tiffany and me for a few hours of lifting followed by a simple BBQ.  Tiffany made some amazing guacamole and bbq sauce from scratch, check that and her other creations out at www.thecavegirldish.com.

July 4th: Snatch max was 160 (new personal best), worked up to 190 on C&J.  It was one of those days where that just felt really heavy, maybe from all the misses on the snatch (hit all of my last 4 lifts on third attempts.)

July 6th: AM Snatch volume, warmed up and worked up to 10 singles at 130. This was a first, as I haven't PRed my snatch in awhile and it felt really good.  Landing tight, pulling just enough, I may not be extending fully though.
PM WOD: 3 rds of 2 dumbell split cleans (alt legs), 4 db push press, 8 db push jerks, 16 double unders RXed in 8:10 with 55lb dumbells.

July 7th: Clean and Jerk volume, warmed up, worked up and did 10 singles at 165.  This was a bit over what I should be hitting on a volume day.  Haven't PRed in a while on C&J so I upped it to BW, only 5lbs but I thought it may help.  Had a few reps Tiff said weren't fully extending, power cleaning more or less.  Need focus and practice as well as fast hips getting under the bar.

July 8th: Maxed both SN and CJ.  Snatch, worked up to 145 successfully, failed 155 repeatedly.  C&J, worked up to 195 successfully, failed 205 four times.
Wish I had some video of that to anayze, I'll think of that next time.

Overall the weightlifting is fun enough

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