Truckin', I got my chips cashed in...

I just keep truckin' on. Yesterday I began a new weightlifting schedule.

It follows:
Mon/Weds/Sat Oly lifts.
Tues/Thurs Squats & WOD.

The Mon/Weds Oly lifts are volume lifts at a percentage of 1RM max following a heavy single of the other lift. I did this yesterday, working up to a 145 SN (Heavy, but not a mx for the day by any means) then did 165lbs C&J (BW) 10x1.

My last program last 6 weeks, didn't include much in the way of WODs and I was not doing MCMAP. I have added a fair amount of cycling )to and from campus 2x a day) and 4 hours of throwing, grappling and hitting bags on Fridays weekly.

On another note, Tiffany got weightlifting shoes, but they are slightly too small. We'll see how that goes, she may return them, we shall see.

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