Throwdown at Monterey

Last night my wife and I took part in a throw down of sorts with CrossFit Salinas Valley hosted by CrossFit Monterey. Three WODs followed by a good time with BBQ and adult beverages.

WOD one was a 3RM back squat. I laid up a light 235. THat was pretty cheesy of me, I know. My back squats need to get more attention and more weight.

WOD two was a two man effort of sand bag hill sprints and 5 185 lb cleans, my partner wasn't able to RX it, so we went at 165. Cleans were the chink in his armor, and he only finished the first round of three at 160, the others were 145 and 135. He showed a lot of heart throwing himself under a very heavy weight and we had a good time.

WOD three was a four man fire team event. 100 reps of four out of five elements of Fight Gone Bad, for time. One person exercises at a time. WE rocketed through it a a team. I tried to finish up as many reps of as many things as I could, as usual wallball was my archnemesis.

Tomorrow I'll be calling Casey R. from CF Fort Meade for Another Crossfitter's POV, part II. Check it out.

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