Many things happening in many days

Been about two weeks since my last post.  So much time, so few pounds added to my snatch.  Actually, I've added another 5 lbs to my snatch, current PR is 160, up 20 lbs since getting here which isn't too shabby.

So as to my many posts, there haven't really been many. 

We moved into a new house and I created a kick-ass garage gym.  Two care garage with about 9 foot ceilings, enough for snatches and presses for anyone my height easily.  Cement floor (so far) to support dropping of weight.

Right now it's as set up as I planned for this point, but there will be more progress later.  A little bit of flooring or a lifting platform would help, and place to hang rings and maybe a rope are in order.  Time will tell.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007