Grinding on.

Saturday, tried to max snatch and clean and jerk, followed by Front Squats.

Snatches, worked up to 155, missed 160x2, moved on.

Clean and Jerk, worked up to 185, failed 192.5x2 and moved on.

Front Squats: I took some key advice from Tiffany, (yes, she's coaching me and I'm listening :-)) so I pushed my knees out and forced a change in my squat. The change worked, no more pain after the squats. I know I'm missing heavy cleans from not squating heavy weight.

From 95 worked up in doubles and triples to 205 for 1. Knees out all the way down and all the way up. This led to a curious amount of soreness. Soreness, not pain.

Monday I took about 45 minutes to play.
-Ring push ups
-Ring rows
-Snatch Pulls
-1 Hang Clean followed by 1 front squat
-ab mat sit ups

Still biking to from campus, leads to a lot of extra hunger. Eating as clean and as much as I can.

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