Get into the week. Love it.

The 2011 CrossFit Games are coming. I'm excited, very excited.

Monday, heard back that this little blog does not an affiliate make. CF HQ let me know that without a presence on base, what I do doesn't quite hit the mark of military affiliate. More on that later, other things are more important right now. But I was perhaps a bit presumptuous and high-concept. When I train clients on base and we are on base, that's a military affiliate, that makes sense. In hindsight, it may have been ambitious to say the least.

Warm Ups, included 135 back Squats & deadlifts as well as a 500m row with the standard mobility and practice lifts
Heavy Clean and Jerk, W/Us and worked to 175lbs
Snatches, 15x1 on a 1:30 clock all at 115lbs

7am class. Uh, yes... SEVEN. A. M.
3x5 Back Squats at 205, along with 5x ring strength sequence
WOD, glorious WOD....
AMRAP in 10 minutes 5 deadlifts @275, 10 walking lunges, 15 push ups
8 rounds flat, good fun.

Still rocking the MCMAP sessions Friday AMs, going to have to work some fun into their warm ups eventually.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007