Another week into the fire...

So you want to get a funded education? Better be ready for lots of classroom hours, studying... and boredom.

Yeah, boredom. It happens. The 'routine is the enemy', that was one of the lines that caught my eye so long ago when I first read "World Class Fitness in 100 Words" by Greg Glassman. I've done a linear strength progression for about 6 weeks, and unsurprisingly I am not as enthusiastic about it now as when I started.

So I start finding ways around the program.

Man, I'm tired today, shouldn't do the presses at the end....
Front squats, damn--I gotta take a dump...
Back squats? are you shitting me?

There's been no end to it, after week four (or maybe it was mid week four) I wasn't that enamored with getting under the barbell. The routine became the enemy instead of becoming my friend as I'd hoped it would.

So, another review is in order, and some variety.

Today I did a 7am WOD:
15 minute AMRAP
10 KTEs
10 Presses 115 (dropped to 95 after rd 1)
10 Air Squats

I managed 5 rds, plus 10 plus 6.
It felt very good to be off the routine.

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