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Guess where I'm going?

Wednesday AM:
Heavy Snatch: 155 with aplomb.
Dynamic C&J: 170 10x1 on 2 min

Leaving tonight for the 2011 Reebok|CrossFit Games at the HDC in LA and I probably will not post or WOD until I get back, but we'll see.


Get into the week. Love it.

The 2011 CrossFit Games are coming. I'm excited, very excited.

Monday, heard back that this little blog does not an affiliate make. CF HQ let me know that without a presence on base, what I do doesn't quite hit the mark of military affiliate. More on that later, other things are more important right now. But I was perhaps a bit presumptuous and high-concept. When I train clients on base and we are on base, that's a military affiliate, that makes sense. In hindsight, it may have been ambitious to say the least.

Warm Ups, included 135 back Squats & deadlifts as well as a 500m row with the standard mobility and practice lifts
Heavy Clean and Jerk, W/Us and worked to 175lbs
Snatches, 15x1 on a 1:30 clock all at 115lbs

7am class. Uh, yes... SEVEN. A. M.
3x5 Back Squats at 205, along with 5x ring strength sequence
WOD, glorious WOD....
AMRAP in 10 minutes 5 deadlifts @275, 10 walking lunges, 15 push ups
8 rounds flat, good fun.

Still rocking the MCMAP sessions Friday AMs, going to have to work some fun into their warm ups eventually.


Post-week observations

A very happy 30th Birthday to Tiffany today. She's still with me, although most of our friends have no idea why. She is my reason to be, and she is magnificent.

This week went out with a muffled bang, as we went to San Fran for carousing and birthday delights. But Weds, Thurs and Sat I oantained the new schedule, except that Saturday I did wimp out on post olympic lifts work (squats and presses). I will give this program its due until it is done. Monday will see presses revisited as penance of sorts.

Next weekend: the 2011 Reebok|CrossFit Games. I am ready.


Truckin', I got my chips cashed in...

I just keep truckin' on. Yesterday I began a new weightlifting schedule.

It follows:
Mon/Weds/Sat Oly lifts.
Tues/Thurs Squats & WOD.

The Mon/Weds Oly lifts are volume lifts at a percentage of 1RM max following a heavy single of the other lift. I did this yesterday, working up to a 145 SN (Heavy, but not a mx for the day by any means) then did 165lbs C&J (BW) 10x1.

My last program last 6 weeks, didn't include much in the way of WODs and I was not doing MCMAP. I have added a fair amount of cycling )to and from campus 2x a day) and 4 hours of throwing, grappling and hitting bags on Fridays weekly.

On another note, Tiffany got weightlifting shoes, but they are slightly too small. We'll see how that goes, she may return them, we shall see.


Grinding on.

Saturday, tried to max snatch and clean and jerk, followed by Front Squats.

Snatches, worked up to 155, missed 160x2, moved on.

Clean and Jerk, worked up to 185, failed 192.5x2 and moved on.

Front Squats: I took some key advice from Tiffany, (yes, she's coaching me and I'm listening :-)) so I pushed my knees out and forced a change in my squat. The change worked, no more pain after the squats. I know I'm missing heavy cleans from not squating heavy weight.

From 95 worked up in doubles and triples to 205 for 1. Knees out all the way down and all the way up. This led to a curious amount of soreness. Soreness, not pain.

Monday I took about 45 minutes to play.
-Ring push ups
-Ring rows
-Snatch Pulls
-1 Hang Clean followed by 1 front squat
-ab mat sit ups

Still biking to from campus, leads to a lot of extra hunger. Eating as clean and as much as I can.


Throwdown at Monterey

Last night my wife and I took part in a throw down of sorts with CrossFit Salinas Valley hosted by CrossFit Monterey. Three WODs followed by a good time with BBQ and adult beverages.

WOD one was a 3RM back squat. I laid up a light 235. THat was pretty cheesy of me, I know. My back squats need to get more attention and more weight.

WOD two was a two man effort of sand bag hill sprints and 5 185 lb cleans, my partner wasn't able to RX it, so we went at 165. Cleans were the chink in his armor, and he only finished the first round of three at 160, the others were 145 and 135. He showed a lot of heart throwing himself under a very heavy weight and we had a good time.

WOD three was a four man fire team event. 100 reps of four out of five elements of Fight Gone Bad, for time. One person exercises at a time. WE rocketed through it a a team. I tried to finish up as many reps of as many things as I could, as usual wallball was my archnemesis.

Tomorrow I'll be calling Casey R. from CF Fort Meade for Another Crossfitter's POV, part II. Check it out.


Path to Black belt

Today I started on the final steps towards my black belt as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. Marines at NPS plan classes around each quarter. It gives you the opportunity to go through from grey belt to black belt if you pursue the next belt each quarter the entire time you are here.

Although I'm not sure I feel good about this type of pursuit of belts, I do know I am happy to get back to training again. We'll meet once a week for a four hour session of sustainment teaching and integration of techniques.

It has been since spring of 2009 since I taught a MCMAP class, but it was like getting back on a bike.

This quarter I will be worried more about reviewing my brown belt and lower techniques. Next quarter I will commit to learning and graduating as a black belt MCMAP Instructor.

I do know it's about damn time.


Another week into the fire...

So you want to get a funded education? Better be ready for lots of classroom hours, studying... and boredom.

Yeah, boredom. It happens. The 'routine is the enemy', that was one of the lines that caught my eye so long ago when I first read "World Class Fitness in 100 Words" by Greg Glassman. I've done a linear strength progression for about 6 weeks, and unsurprisingly I am not as enthusiastic about it now as when I started.

So I start finding ways around the program.

Man, I'm tired today, shouldn't do the presses at the end....
Front squats, damn--I gotta take a dump...
Back squats? are you shitting me?

There's been no end to it, after week four (or maybe it was mid week four) I wasn't that enamored with getting under the barbell. The routine became the enemy instead of becoming my friend as I'd hoped it would.

So, another review is in order, and some variety.

Today I did a 7am WOD:
15 minute AMRAP
10 KTEs
10 Presses 115 (dropped to 95 after rd 1)
10 Air Squats

I managed 5 rds, plus 10 plus 6.
It felt very good to be off the routine.


Oly Lifting program re-eval

Tday, between Info Science for DoD and Algebra/Trig review:

W/U:500m row, pass throughs, wide grip deadhang pull ups, ring dips, box step up/squat combo
Snatch: 95,105,115,125,135,140,145,150,155,160FLx2
C&J:135x2,165,175,185 then had to jet due to aforementioned algebra.

Time just isn't there to work up to a max snatch and a max c&j between classes.
Got to re-evaluate and get back into a routine.

On another note, applied to formally become a military affiliate of CF Inc.


How great I am.

Just a quick Happy Birthday to my Dad, Rich Hoffner. Retired Cheltenham P.D. Detective, former Coast Guard Petty Officer and all around great American. Through his hard work and character he taught me many lessons, even when I didn't want to hear them, even when he didn't know he was teaching them.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.

A week in review

Week six of the Olympic Weightlifting days.

Started off with the first days of lifting in our new garage gym, pictures to follow. Jacob, Mariah and Nathan from CF Monterey joined Tiffany and me for a few hours of lifting followed by a simple BBQ.  Tiffany made some amazing guacamole and bbq sauce from scratch, check that and her other creations out at www.thecavegirldish.com.

July 4th: Snatch max was 160 (new personal best), worked up to 190 on C&J.  It was one of those days where that just felt really heavy, maybe from all the misses on the snatch (hit all of my last 4 lifts on third attempts.)

July 6th: AM Snatch volume, warmed up and worked up to 10 singles at 130. This was a first, as I haven't PRed my snatch in awhile and it felt really good.  Landing tight, pulling just enough, I may not be extending fully though.
PM WOD: 3 rds of 2 dumbell split cleans (alt legs), 4 db push press, 8 db push jerks, 16 double unders RXed in 8:10 with 55lb dumbells.

July 7th: Clean and Jerk volume, warmed up, worked up and did 10 singles at 165.  This was a bit over what I should be hitting on a volume day.  Haven't PRed in a while on C&J so I upped it to BW, only 5lbs but I thought it may help.  Had a few reps Tiff said weren't fully extending, power cleaning more or less.  Need focus and practice as well as fast hips getting under the bar.

July 8th: Maxed both SN and CJ.  Snatch, worked up to 145 successfully, failed 155 repeatedly.  C&J, worked up to 195 successfully, failed 205 four times.
Wish I had some video of that to anayze, I'll think of that next time.

Overall the weightlifting is fun enough


Many things happening in many days

Been about two weeks since my last post.  So much time, so few pounds added to my snatch.  Actually, I've added another 5 lbs to my snatch, current PR is 160, up 20 lbs since getting here which isn't too shabby.

So as to my many posts, there haven't really been many. 

We moved into a new house and I created a kick-ass garage gym.  Two care garage with about 9 foot ceilings, enough for snatches and presses for anyone my height easily.  Cement floor (so far) to support dropping of weight.

Right now it's as set up as I planned for this point, but there will be more progress later.  A little bit of flooring or a lifting platform would help, and place to hang rings and maybe a rope are in order.  Time will tell.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007