Why does it all fall to $h#t?!?!

One would imagine that the intent and focus I described in my last post would indicate how nothing would stand between me and my goals.  Nothing except I conspiracy of time and all elements of life.  Today is the last day of the most extended period of leave of my entire 17 year Marine Corps career.  This long period of 'inactivity' has provided me some of the most dedicated training time I've ever known as a CrossFitter, which is ironic considering I've hardly done any CrossFit in this time.  All the weightlifting has been a great experience though, don't get me wrong.

Now, will I be able to push the gains I've got going in this regard?
Will I make my aforementioned goals in ~10 days time?

Rather than lose ground or plateau due to the return to a regular work schedule it is time to reign in my other pursuits, and use the time more wisely. The next few days will determine the next two years in many ways and I will not allow myself to lose sight of any of the goals I've set. 


Patience and white noise

There's a very clear reason people follow linear progressions for strength training--they work.

For several weeks I've followed an Olympic Weightlifting progression with very good results in both the snatch and clean & jerk numbers. After just this three weeks I am experiencing firsthand the 'drive' that is essential to create powerful weightlifters. Overall I do know that I want the health and fitness benefits conveyed from the time spend jumping and landing with the barbell. And I see that linear progression training for strength and power may not actually be such a bad idea... in moderation. There also seems to be more benefit to progressive, unrelenting pursuit of known and knowable goals than I previously believed.

Coming into this I was hopeful yet skeptical.  Nevertheless I set some very high goals (BW snatch and 225 C&J) for myself to attain by 4th of July weekend. The first three weeks have shown a gain of 15lbs in the snatch and 10lbs in the clean and jerk.  Will I make the goals? I'll do the work, we'll see about the weight. But there's more to weightlifting than just the weight.


30 days and 30 nights

Yesterday I spoke to my wife about this little web presence. Rather, my total lack of commitment to this web presence. There's a definite pattern. Man blogs, man slacks off on blogging, man returns to blog to blog about slacking on blogging.

We've moved again, this time to a very anti-climatic Central California Coast. Summer here is like, well, it's like fall anywhere else we've been, and winter in some parts of the south. Add to that a month long stay in a hotel before our house is ready and so far it hasn't made for the best change of climate from sunny SoCal.

At least the traffic is... well, there isn't any. At least there's that.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007