Clowns to left, jokers to the right...

Here I am. Stuck in the middle of Kabul again...

I've got to get control of things again, but where do you begin? My days have been as busy as a crack smoking hamster for eleven months now. One would think that I could keep track of as little a thing as my daily WOD. But without going to far down the path toward self pity, I've had other shit on my mind.

So, what now Johnboy?

Now I get ahold of things, I start blogging my WODs, my goals, my failures all for the world to see. Stuck in Kabul waiting for another middle if the night flight seems like just as good anplace to start as anywhere.

Sunday warmly first day up here. We'd spent the night before and half the day winding our way from Leatherneck to Kandahar. Aftermall the sleeping on floors, dragging my pack from here to there and sitting in jump seats I just needed to stretch myself out.
WOD: random shizzz
500m row, then six rounds of six exercises, ended with another 500m rowmto cooldown
Exercises: pull ups, dips, good mornings, hip extensions, gHD sit ups, hang power clean & push press.

Monday was the first and only full day of the conference. The sky got gray and bleak. Aftermanother sedentary day I found my way to the gym again.
1000m row followed by 2 rounds if the CF warm up.
Strength/power: 5x5 burpee/squat clean/thrusters with a pair of 35lb dumbells.
WOD: 12-6-3 rep rounds, for time, 115lb OHS & KTEs. Done in 3:15
Feeling a bit froggy I did 5x5 L-pull ups, ten sets if two HSPU and then 3x3 weighted dips, maxed and pR'ed at 100lbs x3.

Tuesday the conference ended early in the day. Despite a light rain and a desire to sleep I pulled it together for a frankly session.
Warmed up w/2x CF warm up
For the WOD I took a page from Westside barbell and did a dynamic effort day on deadlifts. Form was sumo stance and grip was narrow and alternating, for just a touch of variety I used 25lb steel plates to make the pull from the floor that much longer.
The goal was max speed on each lift, hitting 2 on the minute for 12 rounds.
I finished, and again in the manner if Westside, did 100x85lb good mornings so as to try out the assistance work theory they use to such success.

Now I wait to get out of dodge, and hope that the snow fallingoutside does not brew up into a storm that keeps us here. I've got days to go and work left to do. Another night here won't do me any good.

As to the blog,'let's hope I can keep posting without excuse. I've got some more goals to hit, excuses won't get them done.

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007