Happy New Years!

Fight Gone Bad to end 2009!
327 Rxed


Two days on, now for an off

Monday we did one of the 2009 Affiliate Cup WODs.
Team of five,
30 wall balls 10" target, conga line
then FGB style;
30 kb swings 24kg
30 cal on rower
30 24in box jumps
30 40lb push press
30 deadlifts 225lb
finished in just over 21min

Tuesday we did a hero WOD.
three rounds for time of;
800m run
50 GHD sit ups
50 back extensions



So as I already know I keep the worst logbook in history. It has been sporadic at best this month, but then my workouts have been sporadic too.

Last weekend went to CrossFit 101 at CF NLP in Lake Forest. Coach was very helpful and recieved my idea about a L1 in Afghanistan pretty well. As long as I can lay the groundwork I think I can get it accomplished.

A few WODs crushed me, hit it Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri.
THURSDAY: AMRAP 400m run 15 L P/U 15 back extensions 5RDS

Then I took off until Wednesday and did 'EVA'. I had tried this one in Marc of 2008 in Iraq. That attempt humbled me and I tapped out after three rounds. Yesteday, as RXed:
Eva,five rounds for time of:
800m run
30 kettlebell swings 32kg
30 pull ups


Lots to talk about

But so little to do.

Saturday helped run a two hour running workshop. After which did a WOD from he'll:
3-6-9 rep rounds
295lb deadlift
pull ups
in between exercises 1-2-3 band resisted runs across the gym

1000m row
then three rounds of:
15 hang power snatches
20 walking lunges w/2 44lb KBs
25 wallballs 10ft/20lbs

Hit an 08 CF Games WOD today:
five rounds for time
5x 275lb DL
10 burpees
que horrible


Another bit of slacking, then work.

Range all week. But...
AMRAP in 20 min:
15 ghd sit ups
15 back extensions
15 pull-ups
15 ring push ups
7 rounds + 15 ghd
'Nasty Girls' in 9:10
3-6-9 rep rounds of 295lb DL & pull-ups
between rounds did 1-2-3 band resistance runs.


Memorial workouts

Friday: Lumberjack 20
20 dl at 275
400m run
20 ohs at 115
400m run
20 c2b pullups
400m run
20 burpees
400m run
20 kb swings at 53 lbs
400m run
20 box jumps at 24in
400m run

30:52 as RXed

Saturday: 'McFlurry'
400m run
21 cleans @155
21 pull ups
400m run
15 db thrusters @40
15 pull ups
400m run
9 cleans @155
9 pull ups
400m run

16:20, not RXed

At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007