Day two of CFSB at Bolling XFit.
3x3 Deadlifts when 275, then 315 ripped off the ground like it was my job, I got bold but 330 only came up about an inch before the world started going black at the edges, 325 did the same and I had to lay down, 310 wouldn't budge so I just figured I bit off too much too soon and called it.
After ~5 min did "Elizabeth" RX weight but power cleans due to a BS rule in the base gym about dropping the bumper plates on the rubber floors in the CrossFit room. SOme asshole just don't get it, ever.
Played around for about ~20 with skin the cats, inversion, EROM HSPU with blue bands, and double unders.
Coached another gym patron through FRAN. He did it Rxed in 12 and change.

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At the old HQ, CrossFit MECCA in 2007