Natty Boh'Zo

Energy levels haven't really been up there since the beer on Saturday, but I can't piss and moan too hard because they were yummy. I didn't match my 3RM from last week, which I felt slightly shitty over, but I'm past it.

Dynamic warm-ups, 50 double unders.

Press, 10x45, 3x105,3x125,2 attempts for 3x135-1 rep, 2nd failed both times at eye level. I let the bar get too far out and couldn't get under it.

15x225(15RM PR)

Handstands against the wall hold for awhile x5.

150x20lb wallballs for time: 10:58, lets be honest, lots of sitting on my ass. No PR by a long shot.

50 double unders
3x10 GHD sit-ups

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